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About Sherri

Often described as “in-the-know” when it comes to digital marketing to real people – Sherri is known for her empathy and creating win-win-win relationships for all stakeholders involved (her clients-their clients-and her company).

You can’t deny that the way we communicate is changing, people are looking for new and more creative ways to connect with their audience, clients and people they love – that’s where Sherri’s unique ability to help craft your story comes into play. She believes storytelling is a lost art yet can be the catalyst to get us where we need to go in the modern world.







“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched –
they must be felt with the heart.”

– Helen Keller

Sherri Beauchamp

Sherri’s Story

Sherri Beauchamp

Sherri Beauchamp

Consultant • Marketer • Publisher

Has something ever happened in life that was so transformational that afterwards there was absolutely no way to go back to being the same person as before? The four letters that changed Sherri’s life forever were M-A-M-A…

When Sherri was younger, her Dad once told her that the greatest gift she could ever give herself was becoming a parent – she smiled and nodded like she knew what he was talking about… And then her first son was born. It was one of the most powerful experiences of her life. A flood of emotions ran through her body – literally, tears streamed out of her eyes uncontrollably. She had never felt that terrified, humbled, loved and overwhelmed in her life, all at once! That is until she screeched down 14th Street on the way to the hospital, running red lights, passing vehicles like they were standing still, hopping curbs… hours later, her second son was born.

“Those little guys sure have a way of keeping things exciting!”

Cliché as it is to talk about how having children changes one’s world view, and how they will now put themselves second (and likely always will) – every word of it… is true. When Sherri was going to college, she would go home every other weekend and her Mom would cry every time she left, and she would say “I will see you again next weekend” but it didn’t matter. She never really understood it all and shrugged it off – until she had kids. It changed the way she views the world. Now she makes every decision, including business decisions, based on what’s best for her 4-person unit. Not only that, it has allowed her to empathize even more with clients and the common struggles everyone faces. It made Sherri start to think of another word – legacy. What type of impact did she want to make in this life? Will her children be proud of this work? Will the work she’s doing provide win-win-win?

Every day she wakes up and asks these questions and it has made her very particular about who she works with. Sherri realizes not everyone thinks this way, and that’s ok. She feels it’s better to acknowledge that now instead of wasting life’s most precious asset, time. This has become the driving inspiration behind Gratitude Consulting Group INC and the work that they do. They believe in creating transformational experiences for their clients and their client’s clients – otherwise, what’s the point of it all? They are a virtual marketing agency that creates legacy for their clients and themselves.

Sherri’s super power is creating digital marketing strategies that change conversations, create transformation, connect real people, and leave clients in a place where they can never go back to looking at their business the same way again.

“Let’s make an undeniable positive impact together.

Some of our most inspiring projects have only just begun… some of them are just waiting for us to connect!”

“If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

– Tony Robbins

Business Perspective

The foundation of anything in life, is growth
– including business.

Looking at the trends in technology, there is no reason a business cannot thrive, regardless of the economy. The digital revolution has changed the game for businesses and made it a level playing field for small to medium sized businesses to connect and take advantage of the times. Sherri has personally invested years, $100,000’s and sweat equity into not only studying but also implementing digital marketing. The day her employer tried to put her in a “box” was the day she decided she was going to start her own company helping other successful entrepreneurs and business owners leverage their expertise. In all reality there are only 3 ways to grow a business, regardless if it’s a product or service based business:

  1. More client/customers (generate new business)
  2. Increase frequency of purchase of those clients/customers (increase # of purchases)
  3. Increase the amount of money each client/customer spends (increase prices)

What many businesses don’t realize is…

it’s ten times harder to gain new clients (and more expensive) than taking existing business and transforming it in a way allowing for better leverage of the # of purchases and the amount people are spending. When it comes to digital marketing, many business who are successful in many other areas just don’t know where to start.

Facebook? Twitter? Webinars? Paid Traffic?
Podcasts? Membership Websites?

The what, when, where and how become so much easier when time is spent figuring out the “who”… the target audience. What are their fears? What keeps them up at night? What solution is available to solve their problem? How is that solution communicated to them?

If this all makes sense yet seems a bit overwhelming, simply schedule a strategy call with Sherri and let her make sense of it all and how it relates to “moving the needle” in business for exponential growth.

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